Stylish places for interior inspiration

Posted on November 26 2019

Stylish places for interior inspiration

There are lots of designers, collectors and stylists who have influenced our style. If you’re looking for inspiration or just fancy a nosey at some stylish pages, here’s a selection of places I recommend. 

Spencer Swaffer

Spencer Swaffer has been a huge influence in the industry for decades and is hugely well respected. A well as antiques, he’s collected many a nick-name over the years from “The Master” to “Fleaman” and “L’Inevitable”.

His beautiful store in Arundel is world famous and definitely worth a visit. Even the traditional red brick shop front itself and signage is worth admiring. 

Ilse Crawford 

One of my favorite designers, Ilse Crawford is the woman responsible for creating Babington house, Soho House’s first country house project, which of course now expands across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia. Her work really has been a game changer in terms of the way she combined that great relaxed country house style with new design.

David Collins 

David Collins work was always inspirational for me. He’s sadly passed away but he’s studio and legacy is still going strong. He was an award winning architect and interior designer. You can see his work in places like Harrods Dining Hall, Kerridges, Gordon Ramsey’s restaurants.

La Place Antiques 

I’ve always admired La Place Antiques, set up by Paula and Stephen Parkinson the creators of Augustus Brandt Antiques. They have some incredible French antiques with heavily decorated look - theirs is probably one of the finest collections of French 18th and 19th Century pieces in the UK. We’re also now neighbours. You can visit their showroom at The Vinery, Arundel too. 

Josephine Ryan

Josephine Ryan is a dealer in Tetbury. She has fabulous style. Someone once said to me, ‘she could make a bag of nails look good’. You can view collection online or check out her instagram page to see some of her styling work.

Victoria Davar

Victoria Davar is an amazing dealer and interior designer with a shop called Maison Artefact on Lillie Road in London. I admire beauty in simplicity and I think that’s what Victoria sees too as less is always more with her. In hr store you can find a mixture of French and Swedish 19th Century furniture as well as a few itialian and english pieces. 

Elle Country

Potentially an obvious one but Elle Country has always been a great source of inspiration which Mary and I have read for years. We still love them today. 

LASSCO Salvage (The London Architectural Salvage and Supply Co)

These were one of the first kids on the block, or at least they were certainly one of the first places I came across selling reclaimed architectural antiques. Back when I was restoring houses, they were selling pieces from an old church in the east end. I would go along and find some fantastic items. They’re also behind some of the beautifully designed Aesop stores in London.

David Taylor

Last but definitely not least, I have to mention David Taylor. He was my boss way back in the early 70s and his vision was incredible. We worked together in Advertising for over 30 years and he always had amazing building projects going on that I would sometimes get involved in. In terms of my style today, I’d say he’s had a big influence. He’s now retired and lives in Spain. He has built several fantastic buildings from reclaimed materials which is now run by his family as a wedding venue with rooms. Have a look at Rancho Del Ingles.

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