Our do’s and don’ts for creating a relaxed country style

Posted on November 26 2019

Our do’s and don’ts for creating a relaxed country style

Our style is always casual and relaxed. You’ll notice most of our pieces are antique and vintage french country items. That’s the vibe we love. We’ve put together some advice if you’re looking for tips on how to recreate that relaxed country style.


  • It’s hard to do but try to get furniture that is already painted from the period for example 100 years old or older.
  • Keep the interior of the room fairly simple for that genuine, rustic farmhouse look.
  • Keep every paint surface dry and very matt in appearance. That way it can soak up light and give a softer look.
  • If you do paint, use pale washes that allow the wood colour to bleed through.
  • Another good look is layered paint. It is possible to do this by painting tons of complementary colours and then scraping it back. It’s a technique called dry scraping and can create a beautiful  worn look. It works particularly well on old painted furniture.
  • Use plain colour in general, to allow the odd item with colour to be highlighted.
  • Folk furniture is such a good, country look. The more Naive the better.
  •  Use wild, country flowers, minimally displayed for styling.
  • Always go for an amazing, very old character farmhouse table. It can be a great focal point.
  • Use lots of traditional candles, such as big church ones or simple beeswax in plain candlesticks to decorate. 


  • Don’t use over polished or gloss paint surfaces.
  • Keep to period in French Farmhouse, so no modern pieces.
  • Don't mix too much colour.  Let the natural light do the talking.
  • Don't over clutter. The plainer, the better.
  • In terms of soft furnishings, don't go for complex patterns. Keep to simple textures like linens and hessian.
  • Don’t have too many curtains as they hold back light. We like houses with no curtains to maximise light. 
  • Try not to have too much patterned china. Keep it plain white or cream. Glassware should be heavy, hand blown without patterns.
  • Avoid fussy garden furniture. The wild meadow look is so harmonious to the French country look so go for simply placed garden urns etc.
  • Do not have lights hanging off beams (farm houses tend to have lots of beams). Instead maybe go for a simple candelabra but no top light. Just lots of side lighting. 
  • On the topic of beams, for a relaxed French country look, don’t go for dark or over-waxed beams. Keep them light or provencal style in white textured washes.

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