19th century console table

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        Dimensions:W: 74cm (29.1")H: 83cm (32.7")D: 34cm (13.4") 19th Century
        Original Carved and Shaped Black Marble Top
        Wooden hand carved base carved foliate design frieze
        Elegantly turned and carved fluted legs
        Embellished with leaf carvings and corner block paterae1
        Very sturdy and solid
        Plain flat back enabling it go be flush with the wall
        This wonderful console table has a beautifully carved and shaped original black marble top above the carved foliate design frieze. The four elegantly turned and carved fluted legs are embellished with leaf carvings and corner block paterae1 and above these there is a delicate beaded moulding running below the decorative friezes and corner blocks.

        1 Patera (Plural, Paterae) are commonly seen in a frieze in architecture or on a corner block in furniture. They are circular or oval ornaments resembling a dish, often decorated with leaves and petals and they can be carved, incised, inlaid, or even painted. They stem from classical architecture and were later used to decorate furniture. Paterae can be used for many applications, as decorations set into the tops of table or chair legs, or into the frieze of a fireplace, for example.
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