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Arundel Gallery Art Trail

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Arundel Gallery Art Trail.

We are really looking forward to the Arundel art trail and have been getting the loft ready for the  artists who will be displaying their work here from the 17th till 26th August.
Annie Timothy  who we first met when we were on the hunt for paintings to decorate the many rooms at West Stoke House.  We wanted contemporary style art for a very Georgian property and her large sea and landscapes worked beautifully with french furniture, the look was eclectic.
Kitty Shepherd, ceramicist,  joins us all the way from her Granada based studio and we first met her about 16 years ago when we fell in love with one of her pieces.   Kitty works along personal lines of creativity and I think its the tongue in cheek humour in her pieces that make them so unique.  Visit  for an example of the amazing ceramic that will be here.